kingdom come

What a way to interpret the Book of Revelations.

Minister Norman McCay is present during Wesley Dodd’s (Sandman) final moments. Dodd has been having nightmares, which he believes are visions of what is yet to come. For McCay, however, the world cannot experience anything worse than this – ten years before, the Joker has opened fire on the Daily Planet offices, killing Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Superman has exiled himself. With Superman and his peers gone, the world is overrun by metahumans, who battle openly on the streets.

During one such fight, the entire state of Kansas is irradiated. Superman returns after the tragedy, but will the younger and amoral metahumans, who believe the S on his chest means “senile”, listen to him? And what if they don’t?

McCay now has Dodd’s visions. Everything looks bleak.

* * *

Great comic. And the art is just amazing.

Just one thing, though:


Transliterally this means: “The Siva head is here! He will kill head!” Perhaps “Siva” is a typo. If Siva is meant to be “sira”, this means: “The crazy man is here! He will kill head!”

That doesn’t make sense.

It should have read: Nandito na ang sira-ulo. Papatayin niya tayo. “The crazy man is here. He will kill us all.”

That makes more sense.

Do your research! *shakes fist*


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