hello psf, we meet again

I was there last year.

A lot has happened since then. Quite frankly, when I attended the book launch of Philippine Speculative Fiction’s fourth volume, my first publication in the anthology, I was more apprehensive than excited because I didn’t know anyone. I’ve never met the Alfars in person, and it was obvious a bunch of the writers there already knew each other, making fun of each other as they gave their speeches, and calling each other by their first names and what the hell am I doing here. Thank God Eula came with me, so I at least had someone to talk to during the event.

Compare this scene with the PSFV launch yesterday (April 24), where Kate [Aton-Osias] told Jake that she’d seen pictures of him and our dates (all hail Facebook, sorry Jake for your girlfriend’s online exhibitionism heh) and Dean Alfar gave a heartwarming speech in addition to my introduction, calling me a “hot writer”, i.e.”She’s been published practically everywhere.” (Can also be i.e. “She looks hot.”) (I’m kidding Nikki.) The book launch felt like home, so when I gave my speech I was at least coherent. I mean, I gave a public speech and actually made sense! What an accomplishment.

Also, I discovered something while I was walking around the U-View Theater shopping for autographs: PEOPLE READ MY STUFF. This is a revelation! When I post plugs for my new fiction/poetry I usually don’t get responses, but at the launch co-contributors Isa Yap and Tin Lao actually approached me and said they’ve read my poetry online and loved it. Tin even said she’s a big fan, and that she was glad to finally meet me. Me! And I’m not even wearing my fuck-me shoes! How surreal. That made me feel warm all over. :D

Thank you to Jme, Beej, Phil, Juabe and of course Jake for coming with me to the event and for not insisting on the original plan of lifting your shirts to bare your torsos painted with the letters E-L-I-Z-A.

Thanks to the other authors for signing my copy!

Much love to Nikki, Vin, and Dean for the successful event. I am in awe of all your efforts to promote the spec fic field, I really am. (I just can’t articulate that in front of a large crowd, that requires more charm and more brain cells.) And look, you got two fourteen-year-olds this year. Amazing! Can’t wait to read the book.

(Semi) group pic! Sorry for my sucky phone cam resolution. Let’s see if I can get the names correctly. Seated: Tin, Kenneth Yu, Dean Alfar, Andrew Drilon. Front row: Isa, Nikki Alfar, me!, Kate, Charles, TJ Dimacali (na boyfriend ni Ders! UJP-UP peeps? Remember Ders? Maganda hair niya. LOL.), Mia Tijam. Back row: Ejay, Alex Osias, Joseph, and Vin.

Outside the gates after the event:

After that we headed out for dinner and then had dessert at Xocolat.

“Well I didn’t know the churros would arrive on a hell plate,” Jaykie said when this appeared on the table. I said it’s not a pentagram, but a Star of David. Jewish churros!

LOL. Good times. :)

16 thoughts on “hello psf, we meet again”

    1. Eeeeeeeee thank you! <3 (Totoo naman, online exhibitionism itetch hahaha. But I'm a fan of your blog ha. ^__^ Really love your writing style.)

      1. (“,)

        But seriously, seeing couples having a good time (eating!) is always fun, so… on with the exhibitionism! :D

  1. Congrats, hottie!!! Small world again – I know TJ – crush niya dati college roommate ko haha (I wonder if he even remembers).

  2. EXHIBITIONISM. (Carry on, we approve.)

    (Ugh, I always talk in plural even when she’s not around.)


    ALSO: I’d like to imagine myself as a sacrifice bathing in this giant vat of chocolate surrounded by huge ass churros /end dream sequence.

    1. Oh so nasa bookstores na pala! I’m reading it now and so far I am very, very impressed. :D (Pwera biro. Kapag pangit libro sinasabi ko talagang pangit haha.)


      1. Oh, so he did come along? That’s cool! Did he stick around? XD Haha, the niece…I remember she caused quite a furor when my classmates saw her. “Anak ba niya??” “May asawa ba siya??” and etc.

  3. Crystal: YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD THE EXACT SAME THOUGHT. One of my former roommates had a crush on Sir Falgui kasi, and when he came to the mic I was like GAAAAASP HE HAS A CHILD EXCLAMATION POINTS DOES MY ROOMMATE KNOW???

    Haha. I think he stayed till the end, kaso di ako nakapagpa-autograph sa kanya. :( Was hoping to see you there nga rin e. :)

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