weekend zombie

After I got off from work on Thursday (and what a crazy week, jumpstarted by the national elections whew), I just decided to stay in one place and fry my brain with Lost (first season), Mad Men (first season), and some Family Guy and The Simpsons. By “stay in one place” I meant “eat my meals in bed”. It was too hot outside, I was too lazy to write, I was too lazy, period.

Jaykie and I did go out on Friday night to have dinner with my high school friends. Topic? Politics, politics, politics (which to me sounds like work, work, work, but it can’t be helped, what with the current political climate), and Ghia’s stay in Quezon province, where the mall closes at 8:30 p.m. (in Palawan, according to Kuya Wendell, the mall closes at 7:30 p.m. – SURPRISE!) and where you’ll have to suffer a one-hour ride to buy halu-halo.

Some (supposedly candid) pictures. We’re already in Trinoma Conti’s here, after feeding at Pizza Hut:

(Conti’s turtle pie is my favorite.)

* * *

This weekend: Bohol. I’m so looking forward to two quiet days at the beach (no stress, pleaaaaaaaase).

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