bohol, day 2

Snorkeling and diving was scheduled for Day 2, but I was sure, with my lack of swimming skills and my tendency to panic in deep waters, that I would do NEITHER. So I just enjoyed the beach.

We took a van to Alona Kew. We didn’t like their shoreline too much, it was rocky and in the span of 30 minutes we saw a jellyfish, a sea urchin, and a starfish with spikes. Yikes.

But still, beautiful spot yeah?

We waited for the divers to come back and took a boat ride to Balicasag Island for snorkeling.

The island! (Gasp.)

I didn’t snorkel, just flapped around in the water and made Jaykie nervous. Gah. Haha.

Back to Dumaluan for dinner and more beach and a game of Bluff and Pusoy Dos and tsismisan!

Jaykie shoots an imaginary ball:

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