I’ve a bunch of Peanut Kisses to bring home to the family, so on Friday Jaykie and I had a mall date before I boarded the FX to Bulacan. I’ve been meaning to have my hair treated, but alas (but really, yay!) I’m going with Jaykie and his family to Subic on Saturday for more sunshine and beachlove. So I just canvassed. I’ve had my hair straightened in Going Straight twice (or thrice?) before, but SM North Edsa’s third floor was temporarily off-limits, so I asked David’s Salon and Tony and Jackey. Tony and Jackey offers the lowest rate for rebonding, 3k, with hair manicure and haircut, any length. Not bad, really.

But when I got home to Bulacan, I had a haircut at the local parlor and wondered if I should have my hair treated again. I mean, ugh, chemicals. And I could use the 3k to buy, I don’t know, shoes. Haha.

This was what my hair looked like when I stepped out of the parlor:

(Bought new shades; ruined my only pair back in Bohol, igzk.)

Look at the straight, shiny locks! Then I had a shower and:

Waves! But then in this picture my hair had more…personality. Ha.

And anyway in this heat I need to have the option to tie my hair every once in a while. So.

It rained when I got home. It always rains when I get home. I didn’t appreciate the flood, but the cold breeze was awesome. My parents came home from the store, and when my father saw me, he said, Ay! Kaya naman pala madaling-madali akong umuwi.


Had good food for dinner, and watched How I Met Your Mother on my parents’ kickass (and very new) dvd player. The speakers were huge. My father had his beer and ate the Peanut Kisses as pulutan. The next day my sister came home with pizza.

I love home. :)

In other news, I’ve decided to seriously invest in hair polish.

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