hotel staycation

It rained like crazy over the weekend so Subic was no-go. But didn’t you just love the weather? Cold, gray, cuddleweather. It was a welcome respite from the long string of 38-degree days.

Jaykie’s parents opted to spend Friday to Sunday at the Marriott Hotel. We shared a room with Jaykie’s sister, brother-in-law, and littol George.

Forgive the touristy photos, I love taking pictures of hotel rooms. (Because they’re so clean and pretty! How come I can’t make my room look that clean and pretty, despite all my efforts in scrubbing and un-cluttering?)

Look at me green toesies!

Day 1 Jaykie and family treated me and the HGC peeps at Mercado in Resorts World Manila, which is right beside the casino so NO PICTURES! But we took a walk after eating and Jme whipped out her camera:

Jaykie and I lurve this gift from Jme.

Day 2 was spent just lounging around, playing Monopoly (Monopoly! I haven’t played you in ages!), watching TV, and admiring the rain. Staycation!

My thanks to the Lazarte family for their kindness and generosity. :D

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