dental adventures, plus basyang

Why can’t loose teeth be this cute? Source.

Here’s how you can get a dentist to talk: allow her to stick her fingers into someone else’s mouth. While running rubber-covered fingers over your teeth, searching for cavities and plaque, she’ll ask about your job, where you live, what you write about or what books you read, and actually expect you to answer.

Sometimes they give their opinion about things, like if they think your job is hard, and that is better because then you only have to blink or nod as best as you can, and not actually attempt to form words and gag on your own saliva.

Also? They always find something else wrong with you. You come in complaining about a painful molar and they’ll find four teeth that need to be drilled and filled. Oh, and they’ll have to extract that molar. Sorry.

Like any office employee, I’m covered by an HMO. Unfortunately the HMO-accredited clinic I went to early on Monday (a Monday, take note!) was full to the brim with patients. And? The dentist is sick and is going to take the afternoon off. I was, of course, scheduled after lunch.

No shit.

So I asked Kate about her dentist, and set an afternoon appointment on Tuesday. My molar was hurting too much for me to stop and think about saving money. I will not mention that the dentist is hot, because that detail, no matter how true, has no bearing on this tale.

But yeah, the dentist is hot.

Still: four pastas, a rigid cleaning, and an extraction. Afterwards I took some meds for the pain, lay in bed, and ate butter pecan (the dentist told me to eat a lot of ice cream) while watching Will and Grace like a heartbroken girl.

Jake was also a bit stressed, having just taken his first exam under grad school, so we decided to meet up. Unfortunately Basyang came and blew out Metro Manila like a candle, so our scheduled marathon of Top Chef Masters Season 2 had to wait. And wait. The wind howled like a dying woman and the next morning the MRT was down and EDSA looked like a battlefield.

Oh well. It’s one of those days.

At least now my teeth don’t hurt anymore.

2 thoughts on “dental adventures, plus basyang”

  1. Nakaya mo ang 4 fillings and an extraction in a day!? Kangalay te… Kagagaling ko lang din sa dentista nung weekend. 2 pastas lang. not bad. Pero, bakit ngayon ka lang nagpagawa ng mga yun? Haha.

    1. LOL I wasn’t able to get to a dentist nung latter part ng 09. And erm the first half of this year. Haha! Pasaway! Kaya ayun, kung anu-ano tuloy nangyari sa ngipin ko wah. :( I may have to pay for those permanent porcelain molars para hindi maghiwa-hiwalay ngipin ko. Parang ginto ang presyo ateh! Haha!

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