catching fire

At a certain point, the plot trajectory becomes predictable. I’m sure this is the experience of most readers – there are moments of genuine surprise, but ever since the appearance of the mockingjay pin in Book 1 (and its multiplication in various forms in Book 2), you’ll know where everything is headed.

Only Katniss remains clueless, but then she’s an unwilling symbol for the rebellion, and she can’t seem to make up her mind as to which boy to love. A girl who for years has lived from hand to mouth, Katniss loves based on convenience: if Gale is there, she holds his hand; once the arena closes, she leans her head on Peeta’s shoulder.

She annoys me sometimes. But maybe I’m just too old. Maybe I should be more compassionate.

The story is compelling enough to hold my attention, so I suppose I’ll read Mockingjay, the last book in the trilogy, just to find out what happens next.

* * *

The Mighty Reading List!

Hunger Games

The Unnamed

Catching Fire

Next: We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg, or Mockingjay

The Year of Fog

The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

Notes on Extinction

Wild Mind

The Spooky Art

on the side: Twisted 8 1/2, Storm of Swords, Scott Pilgrim, PSF V (last few stories!)

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