cake with a side of guilt

So. Diet. Little to no rice, no sodas, no chips. Desserts should be limited only to fruits.It would really be best if I didn’t eat anything at all.

I want to lose weight so bad, but friends ask you out, and you ruin your diet willingly.

* * *

Jaykie and I went out with my high school friends on Friday. Dinner at Mang Jimmy’s. Had rice, had soda. Probably had too much tapa mix. After that, Banapple. I bought the Snickers cheesecake for me and the boyfriend, but also sampled 1) blueberry cheesecake; 2) cookie dough cheesecake; and 3) their famous banoffee. Probably gained ten pounds right there. But it’s always fun to go out with my high school friends. For some reason we ended up talking about Maria Ressa. (“Si Ging Reyes daw papalit. Bongga pala ‘yun. Akala ko itinapon lang siya sa Amerika.”)

Flashback: That morning I went with Jaykie to UP (he was just going to pay for the second sem – PMAM y’all). Walked in the rain. Typical, really, for rain to pour during enlistment period. I miss UP, but I don’t miss this torture. Jaykie wrung his shirt dry on the Bahay ng Alumni parking lot while I shielded him with my umbrella. Lunch at ROC, where I had fish and a slice of pastillas cheesecake. Mmm.

Saturday lunch was at Trinoma. Baked ziti and one-half of a pizza at Sbarro, then yogurt at Golden Spoon. Jaykie took me shopping as a birthday gift!

Kikomachine Komix No. 6:

A new mp3 player! (My Zen player conked out oh many months ago, and I’m too poor to buy an iPod.)

Shirts from Artwork, which entitled me to a free doodle book. :)

Thank you, Jake. :)

This cell phone bag I bought for myself. Only 80 pesos!

That night I was reading a book that mentioned chocolate, and all of a sudden I wanted chocolate. We ended up ordering from KFC. I had mousse but for the first time in my life, I had my rice replaced with a split bun (which by the way tasted like day-old bread).

I should exercise like a crazy person this week to burn all those calories gah.

But great weekend, as always.

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