weekend update

Shameless plug: My page and Usok interview are now up on Rocket Kapre. Thanks Paolo C. for all the hard work!

* * *

This week’s “weekend” started on Wednesday for me. I used up my accumulated days-off after working for nine straight days (!).

On Wednesday I was finally able to introduce Jaykie to my friend, Eula. Pancake House at Market Market + Girbaud (I bought a wallet for my father) +  Payless (I bought shoes!) + CBTL at High Street before heading home.

I like Payless. Shoes are relatively cheap and are arranged according to size. So you need only know your size and stay in front of that shelf trying things on.

I bought a pair of purple flats. I have a lot of purple things, but no purple shoes yet.

Jaykie bought leather shoes.

Payless gave us a huge-ass paper bag, haha.

Thanks Eula for the earrings!

Eula and her mom have an online shop by the way. They sell earrings, headbands, and bags. Check out Chic Collective. :)

On Thursday I went jogging in UP. I miss jogging here. I used to jog here all the time, back when I still lived in UP Bliss. Jaykie and I are planning to make a weekly habit out of it. (He wasn’t with me that Thursday though; he had class.)

I wasn’t too fond of Friday and Saturday. Too many blue notes. There’s that trip in February to either look forward to or watch with dread as it approaches. Ah, money. Ah, schedule. It’s awful to feel awful about a looming vacation.

Wish the following weeks are happier.

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