hotel stay

It was a joint birthday celebration for Jaykie’s nephew, sisters, and aunt. Friday was spent buying gifts and eating and worrying about the rain, while Saturday was spent inside the Marriott.

It was still me and the camera’s honeymoon phase, so I just basically took a picture of everything.

Late lunch at Passion. Jaykie’s mom’s best friend (her best friend since grade school) knew one of my officemates. Small world.

Jaykie and I arrived late because he had class, so after everyone went out to have coffee, we just camwhored. (What else?)

Birthday boy George to me: “I like your new camera.”


Thumb wrestling and rock-paper-scissors:

Tigasin ng Marriott. Charot.


We turned in early after having a heavy dinner. (We planned to watch a movie and/or have a drink at the bar. Oh well.)

We got up early on Sunday to sample the breakfast buffet at Marriott Cafe. Yummy. I wanted to take photos of the food but I got shy. So I took a picture of the boyfriend instead.

* * *

On Saturday, before we headed to the hotel, I had a good jog around the UP Acad Oval, my second since the year started. To ensure that I would do this every week (I live in Makati now, so I can really do this only once every week), I left my running shoes at Jaykie’s condo. I’ll just use an old pair while in Makati.

My legs still hurt, by the way.

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