palawan – day 1

This year’s trip with my high school friends was to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. June booked our tickets, Ghia booked our rooms, and Grace Anne, who had been to Palawan before, took care of budget and the itinerary. Departure from NAIA 3 was at 3:45 pm on Feb. 5. Jaykie had class at UP till 1, and I was worried we might miss our flight. Amazingly, though, we arrived at the airport after only more or less 30 minutes. Hooray!

(Click pics to enlarge, of course.)

Cebu Pacific’s flight left a bit late (around 4 or so?), but we arrived safely in Puerto Princesa at 5:30 pm.

My travel-mates. :)

Puerto Pension offers free transpo from the airport to the hotel. Air-conditioned jeep!

Checking in.

It’s a nice place. Very homey.

Our room! (Deluxe B – with queen-size bed, TV, bathroom, AC unit, hot and cold shower.) There’s really only enough room for two, so if you want more space, take the Superior room, which can fit three people. Deluxe C does not have a bathroom inside (you’ll have to use the communal bathroom), but it’s of course cheaper.

We took the trike to get to Kinabuchs for dinner. It rained on our first night, boo.

We had crocodile! It was okay. The meat was tender and tasted like chicken. Not memorable though.

Then back to the hotel and then sleep. Loooong day tomorrow.

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