the week

Monday to Wednesday, work, had yummy vegetarian siopao for the first time, planned to buy more siopao and weigh myself in the company clinic on Thursday.

Thursday, wasn’t able to go to work, so no siopao, and I still don’t know my weight! But it was the 16th month with Jaykie, the bright spot in my week after Valentine’s Day, so later that night we went out and had dinner at Friday’s in Morato. Photo!

I had fish (Tortilla Fish meal, with fries instead of savory rice)! Because I still couldn’t trust my wonky, gas-filled stomach.

(Addendum to Thursday: Jaykie’s mother brought us sandwiches and red iced tea from the local deli, which was awfully sweet of her. Later in the day, I was also able to buy tickets to the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah musical! Can’t wait!)

Friday is badminton day! I insisted on two hours of badminton, but after an hour and a half I was ready to quit. But badminton’s fun! Jaykie said I’m improving. (My new score record: 16-21. Jaykie always wins of course.) Lunch at that Persian place in UP Diliman, where I had their yogurt shake.

Saturday I needed to get up early, not to jog, as per usual, but to attend a meeting. Sigh. But, you know, free lunch. I tried having half-rice for lunch, but I felt really full after. Shouldn’t have done that. Dinner at Brothers Burger with Jaykie, then white wine, for no reason at all.

I wonder what my weight is now.

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