inquirer 25th anniversary fun run

Fun runs start at an ungodly hour (4 to 5 am), so I never felt the urge to sign up for one. I enjoy running, but I want my sleep. You had to pay to torture yourself? No thanks.

BUT it’s the Inquirer and there’s a cute singlet and it’s FREE and my office mates are signing up

So I did. I initially wanted to run in the 5K race, but maybe for my first time it’s proper to take things slow.

The 3K race it is, then. Woke up this morning at 4 AM. Gah. I didn’t feel like myself.

Pancakes, sausage, coffee. The (unhealthy) breakfast of champions:

Dark High Street.

First gun start was the 25K relay (what 25K this is insane), followed by the 10K race.

5K race here.

Ah, light!

My 3K-mates. (Photo from Almi.)

Then it’s our turn! I run at least 6K at the Oval every Saturday, but 3K in a race felt like forever. Ugh, pressure. There were children who were able to run/sprint ahead of me!

Ruuuuun like the wiiiiiind. (Photo by Raya Lopez.)

Finished at 23 minutes, 37 seconds. According to this, my chip time rank was 129, and I ran faster than one percent of the runners in my category my overall place was 145, running 7 minutes 52 seconds per kilometer, and crossing the finish line ahead of 57 percent of runners in my category.

I usually clock in 30 minutes for 3K around the oval, so eh, not bad, I think. Maybe I’ll do 5K next time. But then sleep might win.

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