stone telling 3 toc

Eee, I’m so happy to see my name on the cover! Love the colors.

From Rose Lemberg:

As you may have noticed, the third issue is not here yet. I’ve been hit by a particularly nasty flu, and had some other health and work issues that delayed my progress. However, we’re back on track, and the issue should go up sometime next week. Meanwhile, here is the cover and the lineup. I cannot wait to share these poems and columns with you – they are absolutely wonderful.


Jo Walton, “The Weatherkeeper’s Diary”

Ben Cartwright, “Newton’s First Copy of Euclid”
Sara Saab, “11:40PM”
Michael R. Fosburg, “A Dreamed Zodiac”
Caitlyn Paxton, “Firefly Girls”
Susan Rooke, “Jonah’s Widowed Wife”
Emily Jiang, “Rice Cooker Dreams”
William Doreski, “Self-Portrait as Mushroom”
Mary Turzillo, “Moving to Enceladus”
Eliza Victoria, “Sodom Gomorrah”
Sonya Taaffe, Persephone in Hel” 

Catherynne Valente “The Secret of Being a Cowboy” 

Deborah Brannon. The Pantoum.

Nin Harris. Visions of Courtly Life Translated into Contemporary Meditations: Muhammad Haji Salleh’s Sajak-Sajak Sejarah Melayu

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