Lovely title, even lovelier story.

Until We Are Naked Again Beneath the Mute Witness of Starsby Berrien C. Henderson


Which one? There were plenty. The old road map was slippery like those fireflies. He banked, then soared into the outer dark, one star being just as good as another. They flickered and winked for eons and parsecs and light years. They were all of them bedamned and complicit in their silence (and he supposed he had it coming) like so many absent friend and echoes of conversations fading down the avenues of the mind.


On my reading list: Tana French’s Faithful Place.

On my mind: Asset management. And the fact that I increased my deposits to the company coop, so beginning April it’s going to feel like I’m not earning anything. ACK! Yep, growing older by the day. Haha. But at least I’m doing so responsibly.

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