a word from the philippines free press

If you’re a writer, the world inside your head can be as chaotic as you want, but at the end of day, you’ll still need  order and process. I’m happy to read this.


Notice to Contributors to the Philippines Free Press Literary Section:

The Philippines Free Press is streamlining submissions to the magazine’s literary section. In this light, hereunder are updated guidelines that we hope would address most contributors’ common concerns.

1. Contributors are kindly advised to submit one short story or a maximum of two poems to the following centralized email address: literary@philippinesfreepress.com.ph.

Do indicate your contact info (landline/mobile) for faster advisory from the literary editor if and when the work will be published. The editorial board will only contact (via email notification) contributors whose respective works have been accepted for publication. Sending rejection letters is not a practice of the magazine.

2. Submission by regular mail or post is not encouraged. Contributors are advised to submit no more than twice per year, and submissions should not be a combination of poetry and fiction. All entries must be written in English. Any contributor who is not based in the Philippines but whose work has been published is automatically disqualified from the annual awards.

3. Following up of payment should be done a month after a contributor’s work has been published. The members of the Editorial Board have agreed that such inquiries should be made solely by email (via the abovementioned address) and not by calling the Free Press landlines. Please indicate the title of your work and in which issue of the Free Press it has been printed. This is to facilitate the faster issuance of your check payment by the magazine’s Accounting department.

4. The FP Literary awards will be held toward the end of August 2011, and covers all entries published during the preceding year (2010-11).

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