some love for “monsters”

From reviewer and SF columnist, Rich Horton:

Anthologies from Elsewhere, 2010

I’ve already covered 5 anthologies each from the UK and Australia, but I saw two more from outside the US. These were: Philippine Speculative Fiction 5, edited by Nikki Alfar and Vincent Michael Simbulan (Philippines); and Tesseracts 14, edited by John Robert Colombo and Brett Alexander Savory (Canada).

The two books between them contained 43 new stories: 5 novelettes and 38 short stories (three short-short), for a total of just over 200,000 words of new short fiction. 19 of the stories were by women (44%), and 18 were SF (42%).

Highlights from Philippine Speculative Fiction 5 include Joseph Anthony Montecillo’s “New Toy”, Andrew Drilon’s “A Game of Quam”, Eliza Victoria’s “Monsters”, and Dean Francis Alfar’s “Strange Weather”. From Tesseracts 14, I liked L. L. Hannett’s “Soil from my Fingers”, Claude Lalumiere’s “Vermilion Dreams: The Complete Works of Bram Jameson”, and Daniel Sernine’s “Nights in White Linen”.

Rich Horton writes regular columns for Locus (on short science fiction) and Black Gate (on the history of SF), and further reviews for Fantasy Magazine, SF Site, and other publications.

PSF V is still available in bookstores. ;)

2 thoughts on “some love for “monsters””

  1. The Horton mention is one of the things that made me freeze up, but I was indeed really happy for it. Kudos to you. ^^

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