philippine speculative fiction 6 book launch

Needless to say, happy to be included in the volume again. I attended the book launch at Fully Booked High Street despite another vertigo attack and the sudden rain. It’s just too fun to miss!

Jaykie came with me, and so did Beej (of Nosfecatu fame) and Phil (who also has a story in the volume – congrats!)

my book launch date

Before the PSF launch, Kenneth Yu took the stage to unveil the latest (and sadly, last) print edition of Philippine Genre Stories. It’s the Special Crime Issue, edited by Ichi Batacan. In her message, Batacan thanked the authors for not resorting to the crime cliches: detectives in trench coats, criminals in pinstripe suits.

Thanks Kyu for the copy! (He handed me one, then I lost it in the flurry of signing books and saying hi to friends. Thanks for replacing it, and I’m sorry!) I’ll read this soon.

Despite the end of PGS’s print run, Kyu has moved PGS to an online home. Visit: and stand by for more stories.

The PSF launch was hosted by the ever-jubilant Dean Alfar.

As usual, authors, introvert or no, had to stand up and say something. As usual, I tried to appear smart and charming and failed miserably. One of the contributors expressed it best: “Kailangan ba talaga magsalita? Kaya nga ako nagsusulat eh.”

This is Phil.
This is me being giggly and fat.

Meet the editors!

Kate Aton-Osias
Nikki Alfar

Dean also announced that PSF 7 is now accepting submissions. The next volume will be edited by the husband-and-wife tandem Alex and Kate Osias. Stand by for the guidelines, they should be online soon. Click here for the guidelines.

Class picture!

This was followed by a mad scramble for copies (the book sold out fast!) and author signatures.

Happy to see the contributors (some of whom are familiar faces) and to finally meet Honey de Peralta and Elyss Punsalan. Tin Lao introduced me to Dumaguete peeps Alyza and Jordan. It is always lovely to be told that there are indeed people out there who read (and enjoy) my work.

We had to break away from the group for celebratory dinner at Abe + gelato at Gelatissimo + coffee at CBTL. I had two shots of infused cappuccino and I still fell asleep before 3 a.m. (after watching Shaun of the Dead with J). And here I thought I would be up till morning.

At Abe: Bamboo rice + Bicol Express (na walang karne at hindi maanghang pero masarap) + lumpiang ubod (favorite ko to) + green mango with bagoong + pritong baby hito + adobong lamb = ang takaw namin, keri

My loot:

Kelly Link book + The Little Prince Moleskine from the ubiquitous Charles Tan (who gave similar gifts to several writers, kay yaman) - thanks! + a hard copy of the PSF 7 guidelines
PGS Crime + PSF 6


Hey love, public speaking is not my strong suit, so I forgot to say your name in my “speech”. But in my head, in silence, I thank you every day, all the time. I thank you always. Thanks for coming with me to celebrate another publication.

Yiheee. (Panira yung yiheee.)

7 thoughts on “philippine speculative fiction 6 book launch”

  1. Hi, Eliza! Buti ka pa you can still blog, and read and write. I have been overtaken by events already! Gosh. I need an entire regiment to pull me out of this quagmire.

    1. I think you’re just busier (and hence, richer!) than me! Haha. But do write, I love your stories. Gusto ko yung paggamit mo ng language. :)

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