• I’ve set up an appointment for a passport application later this month. FINALLY!
  • I still don’t understand why, everytime I come to the dentist for oral prophylaxis, I leave with at least two permanent fillings and no money.
  • Received an email bearing beautiful, earth-shattering news that, if things go as planned, guarantees a crazy, exciting, crazyexciting 2012 for me. Squee! I’ll leave things cryptic and wait for things to become official.
  • I just realized that Twink Macaraig is nominated in the Fiction category of the FP Awards. Pupunta kaya siya sa Tuesday? Kate demands that I take a picture with her haha!
  • I want to buy me one of these:

Just prepaid, though. Hm.

Or the MyFi, since I have a wi-fi ready phone and I’m planning to buy a Galaxy Tab (in the far future) anyway. Hm. Thoughts? MyFi is, of course, more expensive than the simple dongle.

Or: why can’t I just have free wi-fi from a generous neighbor.

  • A move…that I’ll just tell you in August. ;) Good luck to meeeee.

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