catching up with friends

Wednesday, met up with my high school friends in Sis restaurant in Dampa before moving to Starbucks in MOA for coffee, ice cream, and stories. In Dampa, you can buy fresh seafood from the wet market and have it cooked in any of the restaurants for a fee. My friends just decided to order in Sis hehe. No pictures because we were so hungry, but I assure you the food was great and affordable.

Photo source.
sugar overload in MOA
macadamia nut from Sasa
The closest name misspelling I've ever experienced was "Elisa". Oh, but then there's also the famous, "Elizabeth Toria".

A friend has moved to a new job in May, another will make the move next week, while two are contemplating working abroad (in Canada, in Singapore). Career changes! Life choices! Upheavals! I wish them all the best.

Thursday, Research sendoff in Chili’s Greenbelt 5. They handed me a copy of the Pretty Little Liars-inspired video. I’ll recap the shit out of that soon HAHA. (Or not, for the sake of my readers’ sanity.)

Camwhoring at Jaykie’s before leaving!

medium rare

Next: Weekend recharging with my parents. BRB.

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