basement stories issue #4 is now up!

It’s been up for a while now, sorry for the tardy post. I can’t believe my name is listed on the cover alongside these big names!

You can read the issue’s introduction here, and my poem here. Thank you to James Dent and Carol Kirkman for having me.


“TimeSnip” by Cat Rambo

“Sugarplum Karma” by S. Hutson Blount

“A Void Wrapped in a Smile” by T.A. Pratt



“Dreams After the Storm” by Eliza Victoria

“Remorse and the Pariah” by Michael J. DeLuca

“Birthing Monsters” by Siobhan Carroll

“Dawn” by WC Roberts



“And All My Idols  Are Angels, With the Faces of Cranky Old Men” by George Potter


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