A Sunday lunch date to mark our 23rd month together! I’ve never eaten at Bizu before but I’ve been dying to try their desserts.

This restaurant’s highly recommended. Good value for your money.

Three Dips and Baguettini. Munchpunch says this appetizer’s good for 4 persons, but let’s just pretend we didn’t see that.

French Onion Soup. Looks messy but this is heavenly.

My entree: baked sole with artichokes. The artichokes were cooked perfectly. My knife just cut through them like butter. Though J chastised me for not taking note of all the components (potatoes, capers, prosciutto). Also: this is from watching too much Hell’s Kitchen.

I really loved J’s order. I’ll definitely get this next time: Butter-Poached Salmon with Pommery.

For desserts, we just went ahead and ordered the chocolate soufflé. Rich and creamy and we couldn’t finish it. Heh.

But I think that’s just because we had the Strawberry Shortcake first.

I loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed this lunch.

Now for our second anniversary next month, we’re thinking that instead of checking into a hotel or traveling, we’ll just eat at a nice restaurant. (We’re also trying to save money.)  Mamou? Mariott Cafe? The Stock Market? What would you recommend?

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