what happened on sunday

  • Received a text message from my parents saying that they’re okay, and that the flood water’s starting to recede. Tried calling them but failed to reach them. I think they turned off their phones on Saturday to save power (and probably turned them off again?) since they still don’t have electricity. At least I got word from them after more than 24 hours. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern and offered their prayers and good thoughts. :)
  • Met up with two of my siblings (my brother was in UPLB) and my cousin and J. Lunch at Friday’s in Trinoma, coffee at Seattle’s Best. We also saw The Change-Up.

  • Body switch comedy, like a mini-Here Comes The Bride. (Bongga sa comparison!) Toilet humor galore and formulaic but enjoyable enough for a lazy Sunday.
  • Still a bit blue but life goes on. It’s Monday now.

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