Jesse Custer, a preacher from a small town in Texas, is possessed by a powerful supernatural being named “Genesis”. The force of the possession hits his church like a nuclear bomb, and the members of his congregation are reduced to bones. Jesse, however, leaves the site unscathed, and with the new ability to command anyone with only his words. Witnesses call this the “Word of God”.

Jesse later learns that Genesis is the offspring of an angel and a demon, a creation of Heaven and Hell, and on its birth God left His throne and quit. Genesis is a being of pure power, perhaps even as powerful as God Himself, and Jesse wants to know what it wants, what it knows, and why God seems frightened of it.

This series is a perverted, hyperviolent mindfuck, and I loved it. There’s a point when I got tired of Jesse’s hard-on for Texas and his long speeches about the great American nation, and I was bored by the Salvation story arc, but I read every page. I love how Ennis and Co. just went for it. No fear, no holding back. With such big concepts and such a complicated set-up, I was worried the series would end on a disappointing note, but you know what? It ended the way it should have ended. It ended right.

I think its brilliant.

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