We were in Tagaytay on our first year together. To celebrate our second year (exact date is tomorrow, a Monday) we just stayed in the metro and enjoyed a buffet lunch at Beurre Blanc.

(Photo credit: tipidobo)

Price is P650 per head, exclusive of service charge. We got a 10 percent discount because we got seated before 12 noon. (You’ll get a 5 percent discount if you use a credit card instead of paying in cash.)

They have a small selection, but we enjoyed the dishes a lot. Our favorites: beef shortribs, salmon carpaccio, baked oyster, top blade fillet, tomato mozzarella salad, ravioli, and banoffee (really really good). And I loved their sauces: barbecue, mushroom gravy, pepper cognac!

Another great lunch with this silly boy:

I want more of this banoffee!

This lunch was made possible by a couple of kind people living oceans away. Thank you. :)


A kiss for more happy years.

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