friday madness

But a happy kind of madness!

Via snail mail:

Thank you thank you thank you Rose and Shweta! (I think I owe you a poem.)

Via e-mail:


We would like to publish your story, “Fairy Tales”, in Daily Science Fiction.  We’ll email a contract to you shortly for your approval. A sample email, including any edits to your story that may be necessary, will come later.  The edits will be sent with enough time for your feedback, so we may resolve any issues and present the best possible story to our audience.

– Jonathan & Michele, Daily Science Fiction

PS If for any reason, you no longer wish to publish this story with us (e.g, forgotten prior publication, actually authored by a Unicorn, etc.), now would be a very good time to let us know!

No unicorns were involved in the making of this story!

On top of all the happy news, I’ll finally be able to go home to Bulacan and see my parents. Wish me a safe trip. (Some roads are still flooded, I’m told.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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