weekend movies

I should make my weekends more productive (especially writing-wise) but hey, movies!

Hello Stranger

Two Thai nationals meet during a trip in South Korea. One is a big fan of Korean teledramas, while the other does not see the appeal of watching cliched plots and crying as if “someone back home just died”. An unfortunate event involving alcohol and a missed tourist bus ride brings them together, and they are forced to tour Seoul while refusing to know each other’s names. Funny and touching. Mocks and embraces Korean culture. Just a bit too long for my romantic attention span.

Horrible Bosses

I enjoyed this film, okay, simply because I love all the actors involved in the project, but I don’t think it’s dark comedy. It’s not dark enough. It’s just silly. Nothing is  of great consequence. They even ended with a blooper reel.


A small-time magician has the power to look into the future – but only two minutes ahead. My siblings really liked this, and I heard it’s based on a Philip K. Dick short story, but I watched it waiting for the awesomeness to begin but I was just bored.

Pulse (remake)

I saw the Japanese version years ago, and I don’t remember it being this simple and straightforward. I remember the Japanese version giving me a headache. A good one. Dread from disorientation. The remake’s entertaining enough, but it doesn’t stay with you.

Friends with Benefits

Surprisingly delightful with lots of bright moments, but still copied the rom-com tropes it was trying to subvert.

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