saturday shopping

But before that

I unfortunately was not able to attend the Metro Serye launch yesterday. I regret missing it. Here’s Adam David with a copy of the zine:

And here’s an interview with editor Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta.

YOUNG STAR: So why the title “Metro Serye”?

MOOKIE KATIGBAK-LACUESTA: I chose the title for a number of reasons. The first being its city associations. The second because the term “Metro” is the Tagalog word for meter — not just the contraption in taxi cabs but also the literary device. “Serye” for the simple reason that this is a series. Also as a kind of wink-wink, nudge-nudge to the country of teleseryes.

There are tons of anthologies printed every year, usually by the big presses. From what I understand, Metro Serye is halfway between a zine and a chapbook. Why did you choose to do it in this format, despite the backing of a big printer?

Well, any publisher will tell you that poetry doesn’t sell. They’re impractical economically and, intellectually, it’s hard to commit to an entire poetry collection. This is a kind of middle ground. People may not commit to reading a poetry book but I’d like to think they’d commit to a sampler that’s easy on the pocket and still caters to the need to read. This format is especially congenial to students. I’m also a teacher so this aspect appeals to me very much. Of course, this isn’t the first time this format has been used — this isn’t an innovation but I think you’ll find the content innovative.

Hope to get a copy of this soon.


J took me shopping today as a birthday treat! Lunch first at Tokyo Cafe.

Cappuccino and eel for me, please!

After shopping, ice cream at Swensen’s! This is fast becoming my favorite dessert place.

Mmm Maltesers.

And here’s my loot! (I bought another book! Damn it, self-control!)

Thanks J, and I hope you didn’t have too hard a time following your girlfriend around the mall. ;)

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