the birthday weekend, in bullets

  • J bought me Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars on Oct. 29 and I finished reading it two days later. Do I even have to mention that this is an absolute page-turner? What a fantastic volume of stories. Full Dark is peopled with characters caught in tragic circumstances (rape and assault, a terminal illness, murder) that stretch them to their limits. Their tragedies lead to the discovery of the Other Self – either the darker self that leads to more ruination, or the stronger self that helps them survive. I think King is strongest when writing the short novel. With full novels he tends to meander; with short stories he tends to resort to cheap B-movie horror tricks. Take any King novel or short story collection and you’ll know which parts/stories you can remove without feeling shortchanged. I can’t remove any of the stories from Full Dark. Not one of them.
  • I went with J’s family to Holy Cross. Weather was nice and we had a lovely walk.
  • Horror movie marathon with J’s sisters and brother-in-law. Here’s our feast: chicken wings with blue cheese dip, bread and cheese, various sausages, apple cheesecake, coconut cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
  • Pumpkin mousse tart! Made by J’s sister, V. I could eat this every day.
  • Watched Dawn of the Dead, Trick r Treat, The Crazies, and Kababalaghan aka The Return of Magandang Gabi Bayan and Nostalgia. (My childhood!)
  • Went home to Bulacan! Caldereta, kare-kare, menudo, adobo, yema, pastillas, Oreo cheesecake (from my sister and her boyfriend), leche flan. My father and J finished a bottle of Johnny Walker (Black) at 2 in the afternoon (J was coerced). J ended up napping most of the time. He said he liked the wind there.
  • We watched Rec 2, which we hated with a passion.
  • All too soon we had to leave. We stopped by SM North Edsa and tried two restaurants. One is Hapadog, the Japanese hotdog place. We were amused by their Japanese soda, which you had to open by pressing down on the bottle opening to push down the marble holding the soda back why does it have to be this complicated, Japan?
  • They have good food! I had Californippon, california maki in hotdog form, hehe.
  • Jaykie had Hapadog.
  • Lychee iced tea, so good.
  • Then we went to Gong Cha, where I was unknowingly rechristened.
  • After the weekend, got my copies of Metro Serye! Thanks Mookie!

4 thoughts on “the birthday weekend, in bullets”

  1. Andaming pagkainnnnn! nakakagutom hehe. Parang ang saya nung Stephen King, borrow sa next book swap ha please? :) Also, pwede din bang pahiram ng copy ng Metro Serye? :) Thanks thanks thanks!

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