3 Idiots

Raju, Farhan, and Rancho are three engineering students sharing a room at the Imperial College of Engineering. Farhan’s passion is in wildlife photography, but he is taking engineering because it’s what his father dictates. Raju prays every morning, buckling under the immense pressure of topping his class, finding a job, and earning money to lift his family from poverty. Rancho is a free-spirited young man who teaches his two friends his own views about education, but his approach is seen as disruptive and idiotic by the college dean and the rest of the school.

Some sequences are a bit heavy-handed on the melodrama, but it’s an engrossing watch despite its length (2 hours 44 minutes). Funny and touching. Well-written, well-acted and well-produced. And it’s a darn good story.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale are two young men living in the country, fishing, buying pickled eggs at the gasoline station, and fixing up a vacation home near the woods. They don’t mean anyone any harm really. Too bad a group of judgmental college kids mistake them for a pair of hillbilly psycho killers.

That little summary should be enough to make you see the movie! Over-the-top and ridiculous of course, but hilarious.

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