We watched two Metro Manila Film Festival entries this year.

Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story – The film’s trailer was exciting enough to quicken the pulse and generate interest, but I couldn’t say the same about the film, which was occassionally dry and dragging and awkward, and not helped at all by Jorge Estregan’s wooden performance. There are production errors, editing hiccups, (see this hilarious review on Radikalchick’s site) but it’s not all bad: Asiong is beautifully photographed and beautifully scored, sound quality is laudable, and you can see the amount of time and the level of craft and art it took to frame every frame.

And it’s great to see our action stars on the big screen again! Nakaka-miss.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13 – Couldn’t even remember which SRR I last saw in full, but I think this is worth watching. I loved the cast performance in “Tamawo”, but the episode could use more gore, more dreadful atmosphere, more rain, more menacing monsters, and better build-up. “Parola” is a strong story, probably the most psychologically complex story I’ve seen in SRR, but could use better special effects. “Rain, Rain, Go Away” could use a better title! But seriously the last episode, which deals with Ondoy, is horrific even without the supernatural elements. And it has moments of real comedy (it has the Eugene Domingo, after all, and the episode is directed by Chris Martinez) that do not destroy the horror. Now that’s something.

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  1. I still want to see Asiong Salonga, just to see if Jorge Estregan really sucked Carla Abellana’s face off. Parang ganun yun nakita ko sa trailer eh. Poor girl.

    That said, my favorite SRR story for always is “Yaya”. I’ll always remember that scene. Kris Aquino is interviewing a potential yaya for her baby, then the yaya-to-be takes a look at the child’s (empty) room and declares: “may yaya na ang anak mo”. CHILLS.

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