food, love, food love

Twenty-eight months with this boy. And this cheesy post is brought to you by my food photo backlog.

Diet not allowed.

Kanin Club

Be kind to yourself and have some turon a la mode from Kanin Club. It’s basically halo-halo, only wrapped and crispy. Bananas, macapuno, mongo beans, purple yam jam – yum.

Sentro 1771

Order their sago’t gulaman. It has got to be the best I’ve ever tasted. You’ll get refills, and you won’t regret it.


We like the fact that we can draw on the table.

Cream dory milanese, seafood jambalaya, supreme sampler.

That’s it for now.

4 thoughts on “food, love, food love”

  1. My God. Your blog posts on food always leave me salivating. If my OB wouldn’t scold me from here till Monday, I would torture my husband to go look for all those yummy treats and fatten up my 8-month belly in one sitting. I hope to taste the Seafood Jambalaya and Supreme Sampler at Burgoo’s first though. Sure looks delightful :)

  2. Thanks, dear. Yep, due this end of March :) Yes, pagkalabas ng baby, lamon fest eto! Haha. Keep writing about food, youll always have a pair of eyes waiting for those entries :)

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