poetry at the ayala triangle gardens

So on March 21, World Poetry Day, I read a couple of my poems at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

That’s the stage. I wasn’t able to bring a decent camera, so sorry for the lack of event photos. I’ll snag some from other people once the photos are posted.

Photo credit: Frankie Torres http://heykeytorres.blogspot.com/

I read two poems, both called “Maps”, which both appeared in Metro Serye and in my collection which won in last year’s Palanca Awards.

Photo credit: National Book Development Board

Of all the poets who read at the event, J and I were most taken by Ramon Sunico. Beautiful poems read in a heartfelt manner. You should have been there. The crowd went “oh” and applauded after the last line. I really really really wanted to approach him and tell him this in person but shyness took over.

Anyway, I found a copy online of one of the poems he read (“Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit”). Beautiful.

Thank you Mookie and Anina and Filipinas Heritage Library for inviting me. And thank you for the Bonchon dinner and these gifts!

Issue 2 of Metro Serye
An umbrella from FHL
Featuring sketches by Jose Rizal.

J and I headed to Wee Nam Kee for a dinner date. Two ladies recognized me from the event and congratulated me. Thank you!

First time to eat here! Try their chicken rice, and have some lime juice with your meal. Yum.

6 thoughts on “poetry at the ayala triangle gardens”

  1. This is Ramón Sunico. Thanks for your kind words (wish you had asked permission to repro the poem but yeh, it’s all over the web). You did not have to be so shy: I would have enjoyed talking to both of you.

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