‘lower myths’ launched

We interrupt this program for a quick announcement.

My book, Lower Myths, is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Below are the details, which can also be found on this page. Feel free to share the link or re-post! And do buy and read the book, if you are so inclined. Excerpts are over here.

Thank you!

Lower Myths features two compelling novelettes of contemporary fantasy from Eliza Victoria, one of the most talented young writers in Asian speculative fiction today.

In “Trust Fund Babies”, children of two warring witch and fairy families face off in the final round to a centuries-old vendetta.

In “The Very Last Case of Messrs. Aristotel and Arkimedes Magtanggol”, an aristocrat and his daughter consult a famous lawyer-sibling pair about a mysterious crime. But in the lawyers’ hilltop mansion by the sea, they uncover sinister hints that their reality may not be what it seems.

Eliza Victoria’s fiction and poetry have appeared in various publications including High Chair, The Pedestal Magazine, Expanded Horizons, Usok, and the Philippine Speculative Fiction series.

Publisher: Flipside Publishing

 Release Date: March 27, 2012

Now available for online purchase

Amazon.com (MOBI)

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