‘lower myths’ review on cerebralcap

Angelo Ancheta (CerebralCap and former reviewer for Philippines Graphic) reviews Lower Myths:

Test Cases

Eliza Victoria’s debut e-book of two-novellas titled LOWER MYTHS demands readers'(especially those who are following her work)dedication as she leads them inside her labyrinth of magic and madness.

Trust Fund Babies reeks of gangster, power lust, whodunit gases diffused in a cloud of biting rivalry between two supernatural clans: the mambabarang (witches) and the diwata (fairies) minus the expected display of sorcery or magic wands and spell casts that are all too common in a traditional fantasy. TFB’s twists-and-turns are comparable to modern day whodunits that could knock a Sue Grafton or a Michael Connelly potboiler off the bestseller chart. In the conflict between supernatural families, it is easy to tell which side Victoria is on. On another level, Victoria’s subtle commentary on rich scions is hardly refutable.

The Very Last Case of Messrs Aristotel and Arkimedes Magtanggol, Attorneys-at-Law is a head-spinner. Victoria’s switching POVs and alternating between two narratives could trigger a migraine. But she is too quick to offer a ticklish balm that makes a reader hesitate between raising an eyebrow or stifling a guffaw or do both. Is her antic a sheer sweet dream or a delicious nightmare?

Victoria tackles and compresses themes so intricately interwoven: duality in nature, catatonia, angst (toward a certain kind of father), brotherhood, ravages of war, crime, violence. The Very Last Case of Messrs. Aristotel and Arkimedes Magtanggol: Attorneys-at-Law is a highly-textured novella and is not an easy read yet full of surprises for the patient reader. Moreover, taking down notes could be helpful so as not get lost as there are traps so subtly implanted in the mansion of many rooms but with doors locked.

Lower Myths is an incontestable showcase of Eliza Victoria’s storytelling range, depth, dexterity when mixing together elements of magic, suspense, horror and crime in a cauldron exclusively for her.


LOWER MYTHS e-book is published by Flipside Publishing and is available on Amazon Kindle and Flipreads.

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