a couple of writing-related announcements (that i forgot to post here)

One (emphasis mine):

Dear Eliza,

To our delight, we have been asked by the prestigious UP Press to create an anthology featuring the very best short fiction from Philippine Speculative Fiction volumes one to five. We would be still more delighted if you’d allow us to include your story, ‘Parallel’.

 The primary purpose of this anthology will be to introduce the field of speculative fiction, through the most stellar sampling possible, to students and other potential new readers from the academic circles.



Dean and Nikki Alfar

co-editors, The Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction, 2005-2010

Honored! “Parallel” appeared in Philippine Speculative Fiction IV, and will also appear in my short story collection, A Bottle of Storm Clouds (Visprint, 2012).

Two (emphasis mine):

Dear Eliza,

We are pleased to inform you that we have accepted your story, “Dan’s Dreams”, for publication in our upcoming anthology, “Horror: Filipino Fiction For Young Adults”.



Dean Francis Alfar

Kenneth Yu

Dean and Kyu requested for a slight rewrite, which I’ve sent back. Happy to be included in this anthology, and very much interested to see what the other authors have come up with. “Dan’s Dreams” is quite short, less than 2,000 words. Quite a record, since I love writing long stories hehe.

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