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My story, “Fairy Tales”, is set to go out to Daily Science Fiction‘s 4,500 subscribers this Friday, June 8. It will appear, for free, on the DSF site a week later. I’m proud of this story and I’m very excited to share this with you.

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Here are the stories lined up for June:

Daily Science Fiction Stories for June, 2012.

Earth — May 28, 2012 — The following stories are scheduled for email distribution in June of 2012. Each story will be posted at one week after its exclusive email distribution. The stories from June 2012 will appear in a Kindle edition available on Amazon.

June 1 “The Time of Their Visitation” by Lisa Nohealani Morton

June 4 “The Princess and the Monster” by Ryan Creel

June 5 “An Open Letter in Defense of Our Alien Overlords” by Katherine Heath Shaeffer

June 6 “Metal and Flesh” by Steven R. Stewart

June 7 “Angel Plantation” by Tina Connolly

June 8 “Fairy Tales” by Eliza Victoria 

June 11 “Double Exposure” by Lou Antonelli

June 12 “Deathday” by Jonas David

June 13 “British Colonial” by Amanda Clark

June 14 “The Magician of Words” by Ruth Nestvold

June 15 “The Pretty Woman Without Mercy” by Steven Mathes

June 18 “Faerie Food” by Kat Otis

June 19 “Ryan’s World” by Paul Ebbs

June 20 “Dark Roads for the Eternal Ruler” by Eric James Stone

June 21 “Peas, Plots, and Peril” by Melissa Mead

June 22 “The Midnight Knock Again” by Patricia Russo

June 25 “Taking Care of Ma” by Lee Hallison

June 26 “The Watchmaker’s Gift” by Rich Matrunick

June 27 “The Dream of the Night-Shift Power Worker” by Edoardo Albert

June 28 “Sacred Artifacts” by Greg Leunig

June 29 “Answer Man” by A.J. Barr

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