bringing life to my tbr (to-be-read) pile

I am very much guilty of abandoning books, and equally guilty of amassing them. Among the books I recently abandoned are Lord of the Rings (I TRIED I REALLY TRIED) and Let the Right One In. 

So there they continue to sit on my shelf the floor, looking at me with contempt as I order the following online:

From The Book Depository

Carol by Patricia Highsmith (Crime)

Slights by Kaaron Warren (Horror)

We Bury the Landscape by Kristine Ong Muslim (Surreal/Slipstream?)

I wanted to buy only ebooks because SPACE. (Have I told you that I do not have a bookshelf in my place in Makati? And that the shelves in Bulacan are overflowing with paperbacks?) Unfortunately I don’t own a credit card, so Amazon won’t let me buy shit.

It was only after I’ve ordered a paperback copy of Slights did I find out that Angry Robot (who brought us Lauren Beukes’s wonderful novels) has an ebook arm – The Robot Trading Company.

Well, dammit. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have ordered Slights off of that and be able to read it tonight instead of, you know, a month from now. (Thank you snail mail.)

But TRTC is awesome. They sell DRM-free ePubs that get dispatched instantly. How about that!

I already have:

Ghostwriting and A Writer’s Life by Eric Brown (both Horror)

The Accord by Keith Brooke (Science Fiction)

And I have Lionel Shriver’s Post-Birthday World somewhere.

Now: where can I order time to read all this?

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