story sale, and other stories

Four-day weekend coming up! I plan to sleep.

I have confirmed today that my haunted house story, “The Ghosts of Sinagtala”, will be appearing in a future issue of Philippine Genre Stories. Many thanks to editor Kenneth Yu.

And in another Kyu-related update (hehe), here is an interview with Kenneth Yu about Philippine Horror Stories for Young Adults, a horror YA antho he edited with Dean Francis Alfar and to be published by UP Press. It includes my story, “Dan’s Dreams”. Thanks to EK for the link!

Some friends have been posting photos of my book/themselves with my book. How cute is that?

Here’s my copy of Eliza Victoria‘s lovely book. I don’t usually approach the Customer Service counter when looking for titles, but this time I did…with a smile.

She’s that good with stories. Go buy a copy! :D

Ever since I read her short story “Sugar Pi” back during our college days, I already became a BIG fan! I’m so proud of you Eliza! Congratulations!

Friends, I can vouch that this book is a good buy! Woot woot! Supportahan natin ang talentong Pilipino!

I know trading six months of your life for the non-stop rains so you can write good stories was worth it. (FB The Fort said I was the first to buy your book at their branch! Congrats Eliza! :)

 And Adam David poses with it:
Thank you very much! The book’s out now in the Metro Manila branches of Fully Booked, Bibliarch, and Pandayan; coming soon to National Book Store, Powerbooks, and provincial outlets.
I will be at the Readercon tomorrow, and in Visprint’s WIT event on Sept. 8! Details on WIT to follow. Please come over and say hi. :)

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