the ultra cinema experience

J’s ma got us free tickets to Resorts World Manila’s Ultra Cinema, “with fully reclining seats, enclosed private cubicles for couples, unlimited popcorn and drinks—and even a butler service”, thanks to her Platinum Membership Card. The film? Expendables 2. Ha! Campy and noisy, it was the perfect film to watch with cheese popcorn, rootbeer, and a chair to help you sleep.

J’s too shy to call the butler (actually just some young dude who probably hates his job) himself.
We should have brought a blanket.

Dinner at Parmigiano after. It was a fun night.

Well! Since you’re already here:

Dean Francis Alfar’s second short story collection, How To Traverse Terra Incognita, is now available on Amazon. Also on Amazon? Lower Myths, The Viewless Dark, Alternative Alamat, the Philippine Speculative Fiction titles. For EPUB formats, visit Flipreads.

The Youth & Beauty Brigade wants to publish your book!

We are looking towards publishing books by young, unpublished authors with brave, new, and vibrant works we are both befuddled by and believe in.

The guidelines:

  • The book should be about an investigation: implicit, explicit, inner or outer, about any and all – a family member’s suicide, flood control protocols, a detective novel, history of the evolution of the logo of a multinational company, etc etc – as long as something is being detected, uncovered, found, as long as the investigation is refracted through art’s lens;
  • The book should fit 48 pages, all in, from 9”x9” to 6”x6” to 4”x4”, counting the front and back matters, i.e., title page, copyright page, dedication, acknowledgements, endnotes, etc etc;
  • The book need not be pure prose or pure poetry: any multimedia and extraliterary form is welcome, as long as it can be fitted and printed within the 48 pages.

Read more here.

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