i do bidoo bidoo

I Do Bidoo Bidoo is a film musical written and directed by Chris Martinez and stars our favorite, Eugene Domingo. It features a plot that we are all familiar with: Rock (Sam Concepcion), a registered nurse from a colorful, middle-class family, has been dating Tracy (Tippy Dos Santos), a beautiful girl from an uber-rich brood, complete with a stern, ex-general lolo, an almost-absentee businessman father, an unhappy mother, and acres and acres of farmland (“Please proceed to Gate 3” “Please proceed to the main mansion”). Tracy gets pregnant, and the film opens with Rock’s mother (Domingo) bewailing his future. What about your plans to go abroad? she screams at him while preparing the food to bring to his pamamanhikan.

It is an endearing film that does not falter when switching from hilarious to heartbreaking scenes. It has a hard time, however, in tying up its loose ends – the film ends with a montage and an out-of-place VO. But that doesn’t take away the fact that here is a Pinoy musical that is well-acted (seriously, what a great ensemble), that does not feel or look or sound awkward, and features truly good music.

At the screening we saw last night, the audience applauded.

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