philippine speculative fiction 6 – a very short review

Philippine Speculative Fiction VIPhilippine Speculative Fiction VI by Nikki Alfar

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Disclaimer: I have a story in this anthology.)

This volume contains such a varied collection of stories, and as what happens in an anthology that tries to cover all bases, not all of the stories appealed to me. But this is still a worthy read. The stand-outs, in my opinion: “Ashland” by Elyss Punsalan, “From the Book of Names My Mother Did Not Give Me” by Tin Lao, “Carpaccio (or, Repentance as a Meat Recipe)” by Arlynn Despi, and “Simon’s Replica” by Dean Alfar.

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Right now I  am reading volumes 1 and 3, reviewed 4 and 5, here’s 6, reading 7. I’m missing volume 2. Oops. But I need to clear my TBR pile first.

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