movie mini-reviews; the weekend

Snow White and the Huntsman. A beautiful film, production-wise; you can’t go wrong with Colleen Atwood (costume), Greig Fraser (cinematography), and James Newton Howard (musical score, plus Florence & The Machine’s spirit-stirring closing song). My personal favorite is the fairy garden – it’s a visual delight. Not to mention that Charlize Theron is sublime as the Evil Queen.

But two things stick out like the thorns on the rose plucked by Snow White’s mother. One, why would Snow White pray “Our Father” in this fantasy setting? You give us dwarves, fairies, phantom armies, and a beautiful song, but cannot give us a believable pantheon, or even one made-up prayer? That pulled me out of the world I am trying to immerse myself in.

Two, what is the white hart from Princess Mononoke doing here?

Yet another rip-off scene that ruined my viewing.

I liked the brief background shown about the Evil Queen’s family, but I wished the writers explored the meaning of blood in Snow White’s universe. There is use of blood magic; the Queen can be undone by “fairest blood”; and Snow White is the destined, the life(blood) itself of the entire kingdom. Why? Exploring this would have given us a more three-dimensional Snow White.

Men In Black 3. Loved the first film, disappointed by the sequel. The third film redeemed the franchise. It’s a fun ride again! Griffin just may be my favorite MIB alien yet, next to the coffee-loving worms.

The Five-Year Engagement. Sweet, hilarious, and never feels false. Another home-run for Judd Apatow (producer).

The Dictator. I am a fan of Borat. I think it’s genius. Bruno was too much for me. Tried twice but could never finish it. When I heard that The Dictator is no longer a mockumentary,  I was worried Sacha Baron Cohen might crash and fall since he now had to juggle the jokes with a plot. No worries now. I still hate the toilet humor but this is laugh-out-loud fun.

Chronicle. The film features one of the more organic uses of the found footage format. Three high school students discover an alien artifact and develop telekinetic powers. Could have gone old fast but this an engaging story.

The Adjustment Bureau. First thought: This is based on a Philip K. Dick story? I thought it’s a rom-com! The film presents an idea that is neither new nor groundbreaking. Probably groundbreaking in ’54 but not now. The insight and premise could have been stirring, but the filmmakers went the cutesy, hokey route, making the story lose steam in the end.


The team went out on Friday to celebrate the boss’s birthday in this bar near the office. People got ridiculously drunk, and the boss’s bar tab got ridiculously high (so I heard.) Left early because someone drunkenly poured beer on my foot. That’s my cue to leave haha.

I went home and as expected the rain fell, the flood rose, and there is once again water inside the house. Sigh.

Have a blue-eyed kitten.

J and I have been together 35 months! Never mind the sad-looking guy in the back.

How was your weekend?

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