editing the closet, news of poetry

I planned to go on a jog, but my room was bothering me, so I hunkered down and cleaned my floor and bundled up the shoes and clothes that I no longer use (or, in the case of clothes, those that sadly no longer fit). I filled two large garbage bags, and my closet was finally able to breathe. The shoes that remained I removed from the shoe boxes to save space. I hate how every space I inhabit feels so small and temporary – maybe because they are. I still can’t bring myself to buy items purely for decoration. I have to be practical. I have to be able to fit all of my essentials in one traveling bag. I just know that one day I will be packing up again to a new place.

I would love to live someplace spacious and permanent. Where I can hang a picture on the wall, buy a vase to put flowers in. Sit down with J, have dinner we actually cooked. Settling down, now there’s a phrase. Not marriage, just a place to stay. The opposite of wanderlust. I guess it bites you once you get over your first quarter century.

Guyito to watch over me.
Early morning. View outside the window.


In other news, Room Magazine‘s Labours issue (35.4) is coming out soon with my poem, “Hospital Work”. Can’t wait to get my two compli copies! Lorrie Miller sent a teaser in the mail:

As the final issue of our anniversary volume, we are launching issue 35.4, Labours at the Roundhouse Community Centre on Sunday, December 9 at 2:30pm, she writes.

If you’re in Canada, do come and enjoy the poems. The issue will be on newsstands in two to three weeks.


How about a children’s book for Christmas? You can order my book “Jeremy’s Magic Well” online.

Winner, 2009 Gig Book Storywriting Contest

Nominee, 2012 National Children’s Book Awards 

In Jeremy’s Magic Well, Jeremy’s father is mostly away, working as a cook on a foreign ship. Thanks to a magic well, Jeremy is able to see and talk to him. Following his father’s advice, he overcomes his fear of David, a schoolmate bully, and discovers that the two of them have something in common.

Also available are books by Kate Osias, Andrea Dela Cruz, and other fine writers.

3 thoughts on “editing the closet, news of poetry”

  1. I remember having the same sentiments back when I was still single. Now that I’m married and settled down, I wish to be un-settled. Hehe. Humans.

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