yabu: house of katsu

I wanted to try Yabu: House of Katsu just to see if it’s worth all the hype, but it’s branch is all the way in Megamall. I like good food, but I don’t like good food that bad.

Then a new branch opened in Mall of Asia.


There were only the two of us, so J and I were able to get seated quickly. (Yabu, located on the second floor in the South Wing of MOA, does not accept reservations. We went there on a weekday. Be ready for a long wait if you’re going there on a weekend night.)


Potato and egg salads for starters.




We had the Kurobuta Pork Set (“3/4 inch cutlet made from rosu or pork with a trimming of fat. Kurobuta, also known as the Black Berkshire pig, is the world’s finest pork. It is called the kobe beef of pork, due to its rich marbling, softness, and flavor”, according to Munchpunch). We loved it. Very soft and tender, and not heavy at all despite being deep-fried and covered in bread crumbs.


The set comes with soup, fruit, pickled veggies, horseradish, unlimited rice and cabbage. I love it that they leave all the dressings, spices, and sauces at the table.


Ah, Yabu bliss. We will be back.


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