weekend in food and movies

We got really hungry looking for a good cast-iron skillet this weekend, so:

Sebastian’s Leche Flan Ice Cream Pie (The Podium) is a must-try. Butter cookie and orange zest crust, a thick layer of Leche Flan Ice Cream, and a thin layer of leche flan. Just look at it.


We also tried the fish & chips at Chuck’s Grub (SM Megamall). I’ll return for the snapper and sloppy fries.


And I must tell you that J poached some fish perfectly on our monthsary. :)


The movies then:

Les Miserables (2012)


I have not seen the stage musical nor read the book, but I know the songs and the character roles and the flow of the story. I was bitterly disappointed by Russell Crowe’s singing. He’s a brilliant actor, but the singing is just – oh Lord, how it distracted me from enjoying this adaptation. I just, I can’t. I’m sorry. It is horrible. “Stars”, a powerful song, loses its power, and Hugh Jackman’s talent is eclipsed.

To love the film you need to get past it, but he is goddamn Javert, okay? I mean, come on! Sacha Baron Cohen (Monsieur Thenardier) sounds way better.

Editing is also a problem. The film feels hurried. It feels more like an extended music video than a film.

Anne Hathaway (Fantine) brings a rawness to her songs that is jarring, but works here. Amanda Seyfried is brilliant as Cosette, with her sweet, sweet voice. It’s her singing that I will keep returning to.

But really, just listen to the 25th Anniversary Concert OST.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home


Jeff (Jason Segel) is 30, unmarried, unemployed, and lives in the basement of his mother’s house. He believes everything is connected. One day, he receives a call from a man looking for someone named Kevin. There is no Kevin here, he replies, but after the man hangs up, Jeff becomes convinced that “Kevin” is a message from the universe, and he needs to find him. Thus starts an eventful day with his brother, Pat (Ed Helms), Pat’s wife Linda (Judy Greer), and Jeff and Pat’s mom (Susan Sarandon).

This is a sweet film with an ending that may feel too deus-ex-machina, but we allow it because we love the characters so much, and sometimes, like Jeff, you just have to believe.

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