‘fairy tales’ on short story review

Writer Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam reviews her five favorite faerie stories on Short Story Review, and includes my story, “Fairy Tales”. The other stories are by Jeffrey Ford, Cat Rambo, Kelly Link, and Katherine Vaz. Great writers, great stories.Thank you very much! I am very happy and honored. Read more here.

“Fairy Tales” by Eliza Victoria
Daily Science Fiction
“Fairy Tales” is a cyclical story. It begins with a man, Dante, who meets a wounded woman in a train station; the world of “Fairy Tales” is one in which people have discovered the faerie world, called Lambana, and the faerie folk, the Diwata, have been forced to assimilate into our society. Because the Diwata are forbidden from showing their wings in public, Dante is worried for the wounded woman, who says that she is not capable of folding her wings. He takes her home with him. In the second section, a woman named Pauline interviews a famous Diwata, Crystal, who has had her wings removed. This Diwata, it turns out, is a close friend of Dante’s. And Pauline is the woman in the train station, who had an ulterior motive for interviewing Crystal.
This story’s world is rich, and a wholly fresh take on the fairy lore, though it does use some older conventions; the fairies worship the moon and once possessed magical powers. I love how everything comes together for the unexpectedly hopeful ending.


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