spec fic triple book launch + wildflour

First of all, that Friday downpour was a bitch, wasn’t it. I left the office at 6 pm, carrying a big bag of clothes (I was supposed to stay with J at his parents’ house), but couldn’t get a cab or a bus or a tricycle. It’s alarming how easily this city gets paralyzed by rain. I ended up waiting at The Columns until 7:30 before I could line up for a tricycle. Suffice it to say that the city didn’t let me leave that night.

Anyway. I crawled out of my dungeon the next day to attend the Amazing Tripartite Book Launch with J at the EDSA Shangri-La Mall, where I ended up dancing with Dean Alfar. There was, amazingly, no alcohol involved.

A fun afternoon! It was great catching up with Katz Navarro (I exclaimed, “You’re so cute!” when I saw her, and I am not embarrassed by this outburst, I am not), Kate Osias, Elyss Punsalan, and all the other gorgeous writers. Thanks for having us, Dean and Nikki!




I love the packaging by Flipside. Look at that creepy eye.


Dean Alfar with authors Ichi Batacan and Peep Warren:




My copy of Nikki Alfar’s first collection of stories. Congratulations!



Do buy the books!

Here’s a soberer account by Gabriela Lee on Rappler: “3 books, one community, countless stories“.


And of course the rain went on and on. I love the rain, I really do, but not when I have to get out of the house.

We were in Ortigas again on Sunday and finally got to try eating at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery. Just their coffee and desserts. Highly recommended, though drop by during payday because their prices are…wild.



I had the Vietnamese latte.


J got honey soy latte. Recommended!


Bread pudding with yummy chocolate sauce.


Coconut cake.


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