nominations for the 2013 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards now open

From Rappler, “Books populi: Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards”:

MANILA, Philippines – There’s a common notion in the literary community that if you haven’t won a Palanca/Free Press/National Book Award, you’re a nobody.

It’s a fiction that we writers and critics tell ourselves — outside of that small community of winners and entrants, these awards barely register. These awards have little to do with how the greater reading public consumes texts.

Despite award-giving bodies’ attempts to promote reading of the winning works (for example, when the Palanca Foundation uploads copies of winning works online), awareness of these awards and their impact is still confined to a very small literary community.

This is the context in which we find the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards — one where accolades bear very little weight, and where there is a disconnect between who is reading in this country, and who is deciding what works deserve to win.

According to Honey de Peralta, one of the founders of the awards and an active member of Filipino Book Bloggers, the FRCA was borne out of a lament that award-winning titles were often inaccessible to mainstream readers due to their content and format, and that awards tended to create false distinctions such as “literary” and “genre” in the publishing industry.

The FRCA, then, hopes to act as the pulse of the reading public: what books are people reading, and what are they enjoying the most?

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The nomination period is from August 9 to 23, 2013. Remember to nominate only those books published in the Philippines from January to December 2012.

The categories are:

  • Children’s picture book
  • Chick lit
  • Novel in English
  • Novel in Filipino
  • Comics / Graphic novels
  • Short story anthology
  • Essay anthology
  • Poetry

My short story collection, A Bottle of Storm Clouds, is qualified for a nomination in the Short Story Anthology category. :) Consider dropping a nomination for it, if you feel that it deserves one.

You can nominate several books. Start here!

View the winners of the first FRCA.

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